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8 Ball Online8-Ball Pool is a popular game that has been played in homes, bars and billiard parlors for over one hundred years. Now with the availability and convenience of online 8-Ball Pool you can play anytime you want.

History of 8-Ball Pool

Pool or billiards was originally an outdoor lawn game played in Europe during the 14th century. Over the next hundred years it evolved into an indoor game. The game became extremely popular and was played by people from all walks of life. Famous players include Mary, Queen of Scots, King Louis XIV of France and Marie Antoinette, Abraham Lincoln and Mark Twain. Billiards began to be referred to as "pool" in the United States during the 19th century. 8-Ball pool was invented during the early 1900s.

How to Play 8-Ball Pool

8-Ball Pool is a two player game. The game uses a white cue ball, the black 8 ball, 7 solid colored balls and 7 striped balls. A player must put all of either the solid or striped balls into the pockets and then also pocket the 8-ball to win the game. The player uses a cue stick to hit the cue ball into the other balls. In order to determine who goes first, both players will hit the white cue ball against the right-hand cushion of the table. The ball will rebound from the cushion back across the table towards the left-hand cushion. The player whose ball ends up closest to the left cushion wins the break and starts the game.

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For the break, all of the balls except the cue ball are racked (bunched) into a triangular formation. The player starting the match shoots the cue ball into the racked balls. If the player pockets at least one ball the player continues to shoot. The first ball pocketed will determine if the player is shooting at solid colored balls or striped ones. If balls of both types are pocketed on the break the player may choose either stripes or solids. The player continues playing until he or she fails to pocket a ball or commits an illegal shot. After all 7 balls have been pocketed the player must "call" the 8-ball pocket shot.

An illegal shot occurs if:

  • the 8-ball is the first ball struck by the cue ball
  • an opponent's ball is struck by the cue ball before striking the player's own color
  • the cue ball goes into a pocket
  • the cue ball is struck by the player but does not hit another ball
  • no ball is pocketed and no ball hits a rail.
  • If an illegal shot occurs, the other player is allowed to place the cue ball

You win the game if:

  • you legally pocket the 8-ball after first pocketing all 7 balls of the same type (striped or solid)
  • your opponent illegally pockets the 8-ball
  • your opponent resigns from the game

When you get ready to make a shot, you are able to move the cue by clicking the left mouse button and moving the cue to the desired position. On the table you will see a white dotted outline (sometimes referred to as the ghost) of the cue ball that shows where the cue ball will hit. You will also see two direction indicators. One shows what direction the cue ball will go after it strikes the ball and the other shows the direction of the ball that is struck by the cue ball. You may also click on the ghost ball and move it to the striking position that you want. You are also able to use the left and right arrow keys on your keyboard to make precision adjustments to your shot direction.

Your shot power may be adjusted. The game automatically sets the power at the medium level. You can adjust it by clicking on the shot power box until you achieve the desired level of power. You may also use the arrow keys.

You may also set the amount of "English" or spin on the ball. The amount and type of spin on the cue ball affects the direction of the cue ball after it strikes its target but does not affect the direction of the ball struck. To put spin on the cue ball, click on the spin indicator and move the red point to the preferred location. You may also click directly on the desired location on the spin indicator. You will need to practice in order to determine how much spin you will need in any given situation.

When you have your settings the way you want them, take your shot. You can click on the "Shoot" button on the screen or if you prefer, press your space bar or enter on your keyboard.

Play 8-Ball Pool for Real Money

Players have played for money since the game began. Playing 8-Ball Pool online for money is in some ways easier because your opponent is not in your physical space. You should practice and develop your skills, as you would in any sport, before beginning to play for cash. There are several great sites where you can win money by playing online 8-Ball Pool.

Strategy for Playing 8-Ball Pool

A successful 8-Ball Pool player has to be skilled and focused. There are numerous online and offline resources that can be used by the dedicated player to study the game. Break strategy and analysis of the table after the break are critical. Practice helps you eliminate illegal shots from your game and helps you learn the amount of power needed to successfully pocket the ball from different angles and locations on the table. As in many sports, the mental aspect of playing 8-Ball Pool is critical. Successful players look at the table and make strategic determinations before their first shot. That being said, every 8-Ball Pool player will play the game differently based upon their individual strengths, skills and strategic preferences.

8-Ball Pool is the most widely played form of pool in the world. Playing online gives you the opportunity to hone your skills whether you are a beginner or a long time player. With practice, mental focus and strategy you can win money playing online 8-Ball Pool. Good luck!

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