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8 Ball OnlineAction games are for the gaming enthusiast who enjoys a challenge with little downtime. Online board games and card games are played at a leisurely pace. But this couldn't be further from the truth with online action games. These kinds of games are a product of the 1980's arcades and the fast paced games that were created for those arcades.

Do you like Tetris? If so, then you probably like to play action games. Many games fall into the "action game" category, and new games are always being created. Here are reviews and how to play information for some of our favorite Internet action games.

Our favorite online action games to play are the pool and billiards simulations. They're challenging and fast-paced, but they also reward strategic thinking skills. 8-ball and 9-ball games are available at all of the free and for money skill game sites that we recommend here.

Some of our other favorites include games like Bejeweled, which are combinations of puzzles and arcade games. Skillgammon is another fun game that's well worth your time, especially if you're a fan of the classic board game backgammon. We discuss card games in another section of the site, but we'd be remiss if we didn't mention how much fun we've had playing spades and hearts online.

Online Action Games List

Our site features reviews, strategies, and tutorials for the following 36 action games:

Game Show Games

Our site also features reviews and information about the following five action games based on popular games shows:

On this page, Online Game Show Games, you'll find analysis and insight into the world of video games based on popular television game shows.

Types of Online Action Games

Bejeweled, a variety of bar games, and other classics all are part of the action game genre. Games like Bejeweled will force a player to pay constant attention and make quick decisions. If you're a fast player, you'll do well in these types of games. Some other action games are similar to what you'd find in a bar or pool hall.

Bar games include everything from pool to bowling to darts. These games might not be as popular in actual bars today as they used to be, but they're now played by millions on the Internet. These versions of the traditional favorites have many variables that you won't ever be able to experience in a brick and mortar environment.

For example, one of the best things about playing pool online is that you do not have to hope for an opponent. Online, someone is always ready and willing to challenge you, either for free or for real money. And if you don't want to play against an opponent, you don't have to. These games are also available in solo mode.

Aside from bar games and the more standard classic action games, players can also find unique games that can't be found any place else. These are hard to describe as a group, since they're all different. One game might entail players searching for an underwater treasure, while another game could be a video game version of soccer.

In fact, that's a popular sub-genre in the action games lineup--sports games. Sports have entertained barflies for years, and Internet versions of popular sports like soccer, basketball, baseball, and football are all available on the Internet. Most most editions of online sports games don't follow the normal rules. Online sports games always add all kinds of twists and turns to make the game as exciting as possible. For a twist on regular sports, give these games a shot.

Winning at Action Games

Since action games can be played either against an opponent, the computer, or no one at all, strategies vary according to which game you're playing. It's impossible to assert one strategy for the entire genre. But here are some tips and tricks which hold true for action game strategy in a general sense. Expect exceptions.

  • Develop your reaction time and decision making skills.
  • Only play for real money when you're well-rested and focused.
  • Practice the free games before playing for real money.

Where to Play Free Action Games Online

You should always start with the free action games before playing for real money. Some action game fans never move on to real money play, but don't play for real money until you're sure you understand how to play. The best way to do that is to try the free games first. Find reputable sites at which to play and get comfortable with their interface. The two most popular and reputable sites for this kind of gaming are:

I think that the best games to play for fun are the sports inspired games. Games like Tetris or pool get boring unless you have a little money on the line. Your preferences might differ.

Where to Play Action Games Online for Real Money

The best way to spice up anything is to put a little money on the line. Real money action games enable you to do just that. Winning a little money makes a victory at one of these games that much more rewarding. And since these are skill-based games, it's not considered gambling in the same sense that a slot machine game would be considered gambling.

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