Bejeweled is a popular puzzle game that was created by the popular computer game creator, PopCap. It was released in 2001 and has since remained a puzzle gaming craze. Bejeweled is available in a number of mobile devices, game consoles, and as an original computer game.

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History of Bejeweled

Bejeweled was not originally known as such. It was initially named "Diamond Mine" and was released for online game play in the early 2000s for a brand new company known as PopCap. However, once the game was getting ready for a more broad distribution, Microsoft changed the name to Bejeweled to avoid any copyright infringement for the name "Diamond Mine." The original name was very similar to another game, called "Diamond Mines." Thanks to Microsoft, this classic and cult favorite game has a unique and very memorable name.

Since its original release versions of the game have become available for the iPod, iPhone, Android, iPad, Blackberry, xBox 360, Nintendo DS, Facebook, and even the Wii Console. Simple to play but difficult to master, Bejeweled has won the hearts of players in its short history.

How to Play Bejeweled

There are several modes for the game, and each has a different game play set up. In the Classic mode players must match coordinating gems with each other, making at least three line up. This is done by clicking the gems if you are playing on a computer, or sliding and tapping if you are playing on a touch screen device.

The main objective is to clear as many gems as you can during your time to advance to the next stage. Getting special gems and points for combos is also a major objective. The goal is to always get the highest score and see how long you can last through the game.

Timed Mode is a bit more challenging than Normal mode. In this mode the bar is in the middle and the faster you make color combos, the more the bar moves towards the end. When the bar is filled you win and go to the next stage. If you take too long to make a move your bar decreases, and you lose the game. However, the further you advance through the game, the faster the bar declines. This is an excellent mode for those looking to improve their play speed and points.

The game is very simple and even children can play it. The real challenge comes into play when you factor in the scoring system as well as combos and achievements. These aspects make it a difficult game to fully master.

This game has developed a strong dedicated fan base of expert players. People seem to take this puzzle game seriously and even have dedicated tournaments for playing. When you play Bejeweled for real money, keep in mind that it takes a lot of skill and dedication. There are options for players of all levels, but you still need to be skilled enough to take on players from around the world. If you feel that you are good enough you should try your hand at playing for real cash. Follow the strategy below to have the best chances at winning big.

Strategy for Playing Bejeweled

In normal mode your strategy will simply be to match as many gem combos as possible. You can rack up serious points by making bigger combos and getting special gems. This will allow to advance to the next level faster, as well as score bonuses. Normal mode is simple, so little strategy is needed.

Timed mode is where strategy becomes extremely important. It can be tempting to sporadically swap gems all over the board. This can quickly lead to "no more moves" and a game over. Instead, pace yourself and watch your timer. With 60 seconds that continuously drain faster, you have to have a clear head.

Power gems are great, but not the most important thing. If there are matching colors nearby, take advantage. If you cannot find a match keep playing instead of wasting time on that one power gem. You will advance to the next level, which is much more important than a power gem.

If you want a higher score, which is what will help you win big, then you need to utilize multiplier gems! The maximum you can obtain for multiplying is 6x. This will boost your score dramatically if you can reach it. If you wait a bit you can get two multipliers on the same screen instead of exploding the whole board at once.

But how can you get multipliers? Exploding hypercubes. When you explode a large number of the same color gem, a multiplier appears. Hypercubes appear by exploding 5 of the same color at once. If you have a multiplier you should use it before a hypercube. Move on to the hypercube during your multiplier and explode as many of the same color as possible. This works best when you have over 12 of the same color on your board. Your points will skyrocket.

Never slow down your playing when going big in Bejeweled. There are too many factors to consider and slowing down will only make you a loser in the end. You want to have over 100,000 points to be considered a great player. To get there it takes dedication and serious strategy for each level that you complete. If you expect to play for real money then strategic moves are your best kept secret.

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