Big Money

Big Money is a modern computer game that has since spread to the internet and has gained worldwide notoriety. Learn how to and where to play it on your computer, for fun or for real money.

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History of Big Money

Big Money was created by PopCap Games and was released June 4, 2002. The game takes place in a grid of colourful coins where you must click on three or more of the same coin color to make it disappear. You must do this to increase the "Money Meter" found on the side of the screen. The increase takes place every time you make sets of coins disappear. This game's latest 1.3 version was released last February 18, 2008. You have to have a running processor of Pentium II, 350MHz or the faster the better. To completely run the game, your operating system must either be a Windows 98, ME2000, XP or Vista. It runs on a single player mode and is a puzzle game requiring you to think strategically.

How to Play Big Money

Before setting off to download the game, you have to check on the computer requirements and see if your computer can run Big Money. After that, search for reliable sites to ensure that there will be no virus to get in your computer that can eventually destroy it. After checking and verifying the site, you can start downloading. The moment your download is complete, you can install the game and start playing.

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Playing Big Money is similar to playing a computer puzzle game of Collapse and SameGame. The only difference is that you are clicking on the same set of colourful coins to make them disappear. Playing the game is not really that difficult since it only requires you to click and clear similar coloured coins. The moment you have found three or more sets of coloured coins, you are on your way to complete a level. You can start the game by clicking on three or more sets of the same coloured coins positioned on the grid. For example, there are 3 gold coins in horizontal position. You can click on these three coins to make them disappear. You can also click on more than three sets of coins to increase your "Money Meter". Once the money meter has already reached the top level, a money bag would drop off and coins are collected. This will also make you advance to the next level where a more complex game awaits you. You can start the game on an Action Mode and advance to the Strategy Mode. You can also play the Puzzle Mode in full version where you will be required to clear certain arrangements of coins.

Play Big Money for Real Money

Some people take Big Money seriously and bet online for a tournament. Although real cash prizes are given, the total amount can only be determined the moment all bets are calculated. If you want to play Big Money for real cash, then you must be strategic since players who bet for real cash are playing it under the best schemes. Other players would host tournaments in physical locations where other Big Money enthusiasts would gather and play a game. This is more exciting since you get to play under a timed mode and see who finishes first in the highest possible level. Tournaments held in playing Big Money for real cash are based on levels and skills. If you belong to the expert class, then you will be playing against the best of the best.

If you belong to the moderate game level set of players, you will also play against those who have the same skills as yours. You must remember that playing the game for real cash requires you to have good strategy in order to win the big cash at hand. By having a plan on how to clear these sets of coins fast, you will be ahead of other players and increase your chances of winning the prize. Big Money can be played for either leisure or real cash depending on how you want. You can earn real money from a simple game but you must be really good at it since players joining tournaments are really serious in getting a prize. But for those who just want to enjoy a time off, you can simply click and play as often as you want. You can do this since the game is readily available in your computer and you don't have to go elsewhere to play Big Money.

Strategy for Playing Big Money

In playing Big Money, you should have a good plan to take to be able to collect as much money bags as possible. You don't have to be all smart to create a good plan, yet you must have a good strategy to be able to as many coins cleared as possible. In playing the game under the Action Mode, the coins generally appear on the bottom of the board. This means that you will start clearing coins of the same color from the bottom before it can reach the top. Clear as many coins as possible to get you fill the money meter and eventually get you to the next level. You can do this by clicking on the same coloured coins that are placed in between other uneven sets of coins. For example, there is a gold coin on top of three red coins and under it are two gold coins. The moment you clear the three same color coins, the top coin will fall making you clear another set of the same coloured coins. This is a good strategy to start with in the action mode.

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For the Strategy Mode, new coins come out every time you clear one set. For instance, you clear three coins of the same color and then new coins will show up. This means that you have to be careful in clicking the coins to ensure that there will be new sets of coins to eliminate after one after another continuously shows up. After planning your every move carefully, the other principles of playing in Action Mode still apply. You still must have three or more sets of coins to click to be able to advance to the next level after the money meter is filled. You can also download the full version to allow you play the Puzzle Mode. Here you can complete each level by solving the Big Money puzzle which still involves clearing out the same colored coins. After doing that, you will be allowed to advance to the next puzzle level once your money meter has been filled and you have collected all your money bags. Having a good strategy in playing a good game of Big Money in every mode will allow you to think deeper rather than just click and click the game away.

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