The Price Is Right

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The Price is Right is one of the most popular game shows that has ever been on the air, and continues to air to this day. The Price is Right is a game of making educated guesses on the prices of products during a series of games. The winner can win all sorts of prizes as they make their way through the game. Because of the popularity of the Price is Right, there have been several home versions of the game that have been made.

History of The Price is Right

The original version of The Price is Right played on NBC from 1956 until 1965, where there were four contestants bid on different items. The one who guessed the closest to the retail value won the price. The version of The Price is Right that most people are familiar with premiered in 1972 and continues to air to this day.

In this version, contestants play different games that involve guessing the retail price on items without going over. The game show is an hour long but it is divided into 2 segments. At the end of each segment, the contestants spin the wheel in order to get into the showcase showdown, where they can win the most prizes. Bob Barker was the host of the game show until 2007 when Drew Carey took over.

Because of the popularity of The Price is Right as a TV game show, there have been several home game versions available.These versions allow you to be able to get right into the action as if you were on TV playing the game.

How to Play The Price is Right

When you are going to play The Price is Right online the game play is a bit different than what you may see on TV. Usually the games you play online for free will be a one player game. There are three levels to the game. The first level is during Contestants' Row. You will be given a number, and you need to click on that number every time that it pops up. This will give you points. Though if you click on a wrong number, you will lose points. Once the time limit is over, you will move on to a pricing game.

You will be given one pricing game though the game play is the same for all the games you might get. You will be given icons that apply to the pricing game along with The Price is Right itself. The game play is very similar to Bejeweled as you need to move the icon to make a line of three or more of the same icon. Once you match those icons, the game board changes color where those icons are. When you change the color of an entire vertical line, you get extra points. There is a time period for this game as well.

The final game is for the Showcase Showdown. The game itself is a memory game where you match tiles that are The Price is Right themed. If you clear the entire board, you when the showcase. If you don't clear the board, the bid for the showcase is too high so you lose. There is a time limit on this game as well, and it is very short so it makes this game the hardest of all three.

Play The Price is Right for Real Money

If you enjoy playing The Price is Right online and find that you are able to navigate through the three levels easily, you may want to consider playing The Price is Right for real money. This can be a great way to earn extra money while playing a fun game.

There are websites where you can make an account and then play games in a head to head competition against another person. You won't be playing together, but will be playing a single player game. Once you and the player you are playing against are done, your scores will be shown. The player with the higher score is the winner.

Playing in a competition is a little different than playing just on your own, so it is a good idea to play practice games before jumping into playing for real money. These practice games can give you an idea of what your skill level against actual people.

Once you have played in the practice games and won enough, you can go forward to playing in games for real money. Playing these games are a great way to win a little extra money playing a game that is enjoyable.

Strategy for Playing The Price is Right

When you are playing The Price is Right for either fun or for real money, there are a few strategies you can use to get the best score possible. With all of the levels in The Price is Right, they are timed games. So one of the best strategies to think and move fast as this will get you a higher score.

When you are playing the pricing game level, one of the best strategies is to look at your board and see where you need to change the color of the vertical line. This is because you get extra points when you change the color of a complete vertical line. You can go faster if you just do matches where you see, but you will get a higher score if you follow this strategy.

In the Showcase Showdown level, you really need to be able to think fast. A strategy you can use in this level is flipping the cards fast, but going back ever few cards to keep in mind what cards are up there. As long as you have a good memory, this strategy will really help you to be able to clear the board and finish this level.

When you are playing The Price is Right online, if you follow these strategies you will be able to get a great score. These high scores can help you decide if you want to play for real money. The Price is Right is a great game to watch, but is even more fun to play yourself.