Wheel of Fortune

Wheel of Fortune started as a hit television game show, but has since made its way to video games, online tournaments, and a source of gambling in casinos. This classic game is a great way to test your luck and skill while making real money too. You no longer need to face a crowd or be on television to get in on America's most loved game show.


About Wheel Of Fortune

This game is a game of both skill and luck. You spin a wheel and can guess a letter per turn. If you guess the correct letter, then you win the prize shown on the wheel. These amounts tally up, but if you guess wrong you lose cash or prizes. Also beware of marks on the wheel that count against you, such as losing a turn.

Wheel of Fortune was originally created in 1975. Since 1986 there have been many video games created based on the playing style and rules. Technology demands have made it possible to play Wheel of Fortune online in the comfort of your own home as well.

There are dozens of spin offs of the game now, and some die hard fans have collected all of them! From casino games to online PC games, Wheel of Fortune mania doesn't appear to be ending anytime soon.

How To Play Wheel of Fortune

The Wheel of Fortune online game starts the same way as the syndicated television show. When it is your turn you spin the wheel, and see what prize it lands on. Depending on your prize you can guess a Vowel or a Consonant. If your wheel lands on a negative piece, such as lose a turn, you must wait to guess a letter. Rack up prizes and cash by choosing the right letters. When you get the opportunity to guess the word or phrase, guess it correctly to win the grand prize opportunity.


Always be courteous of other players when you play online. Don't be rude if you lose. Follow the rules and do not use cheating scripts to win an unfair advantage. Playing Wheel of Fortune online is easy and fun if you stick with the rules.

Play Wheel of Fortune for Real Money

Have you ever thought that you wouldn't make it on the real game show to win big prizes? With the power of the Internet Wheel of Fortune online gaming enthusiasts can win big prizes by playing the game online. There are a number of fair and accurate ways to play the game and win a little extra spending cash. Many players have won thousands of dollars by playing a little in their free time.

Online Wheel of Fortune is a fun way to play a great game. There are always players to match with and even computers if necessary. The rules may be a little different, so when you play for money always read the small print.

Playing for real money is easy, just sign up at a trusted site and start a game! You could win hundreds or even thousands of dollars, plus extra prizes.