WorldWinner: Scam or Not? offers games where you can play versus real people in tournaments for cash or prizes. Some people might wonder, "Hmm. WorldWinner. Scam?"

I've done some research into some of the WorldWinner complaints I've seen on the Internet, and I've decided to publish this page with my analysis and conclusions about the subject of whether or not WorldWinner is a scam. If you want to skip all the analysis, and just go straight to my answer to the question, "Is WorldWinner a scam?", read the next sentence:

No, WorldWinner is not a scam.

And here's my analysis:

WorldWinner Complaints

It doesn't take long to find WorldWinner complaints on the Internet. In fact, Google returns enough results when you search for "WorldWinner scam" or "WorldWinner complaints" that you'd almost want to avoid the site just based on the volume of results. But if you actually click on some of these results, a different picture emerges.

The first result I see in Google for "WorldWinner scam" is a forum thread at a gambling community. The thread goes on for several pages, but little of actual substance is written in the thread. It's mostly a lot of vague complaints from what sounds like a bunch of sore losers. Here's the first post in the thread, paraphrased, of course:

I've been a player at Worldwinner for several months, and here are the results of my investigation into whether or not it's possible to win a tournament there. Several times when I've had my best score ever, I saw that someone else won the tournament by a single point or two. I've seen this happen many times. I have won a few games too, but Worldwinner wants me to pay taxes on money I never received.

Notice the lack of specific in this "WorldWinner complaint." Notice that there's no actual number of games given. If I wanted to be taken seriously by other people, and if I really thought I was about to expose a "Worldwinner scam," I'd record the exact number of games I'd played, my scores each time, how I placed in each tournament, and the total dollar amounts of my wins and losses. I might not do that to begin with, but if I suspected that I were being scammed, you can bet I'd start keeping detailed records.

As far as owing taxes on your winnings goes, that's up to the federal government and the income tax laws. Worldwinner doesn't get to decide whether or not you pay taxes on your winnings. According to my accountant, it's your responsibility to track your gambling losses, and the company has no choice but to report your winnings.

WorldWinner Scammers?

So I read further into the discussion thread, hoping to find some more interesting evidence or a legitimate complaint. Here's what I found.

Sorry to say that but I think they are scammers!! (worldwinner sucks in so many different ways).

Just search on google 'Worldwinner scammers'

That's a direct quote. Notice the lack of specific examples of how Worldwinner supposedly sucks. Notice that the only evidence they present is how many results a Google search returns. Meaningless nonsense.

Later in the thread, the original poster mentions again that WorldWinner is a scam, and this time, to support his argument, asks the readers on the forum to search Google. He also claims that the WorldWinner games are rigged, but he provides no evidence to support his claim. He doesn't even say which games he played there.

On the second page of the discussion thread, one of the members complains about the percentage of the entry fees that WorldWinner keeps as its profit. This might be a legitimate complaint, but unless WorldWinner isn't disclosing the amount, it's a far cry from fraud. If you want to play at their site, then you have to play by their rules, and that includes how much of your entry fee goes into the prize pool and how much goes into the company's profit.

For example, let's say hypothetically that a company is holding a tournament, and they charge $5.50 to each member to play in the tournament. They have five players in the tournament. So the company is paid $27.50 from the players. Most companies would keep $2.50 and then put the other $25 toward the prize pool. That means the company is keeping 10%. But that's just an arbitrary number that the company has chosen; it's not some government-mandated number.

Compare that to a state lottery. The payouts on the lottery are roughly 50% of the entry fees, rather than the 90% offered in the example above. But where are the people screaming, "The lottery is a scam! Just search Google for 'lottery scams' and 'lottery scammers.'"

If you think WorldWinner keeps too big a cut of your entry fee, then you're not obligated to play there. But don't accuse them of fraudulent behavior just because you think their take is too much.

Anyway, after about 3 pages of this "discussion," I decided to move on and see what else I could find in the results. I found a site called XOM reviews which doesn't even have any content above the fold--it's all advertising. It seems to be a place where web surfers can post their reviews of various products, and it contains a bunch of nonsensical complaints lacking in specifics. One person started her complaint by saying that she'd been playing on the site for years, and she was finally done.

If it took you several years to figure out that something was rotten in Denmark, then I question your conclusions. I think any sane person would.

Another poster claimed to be a disabled person looking for a way to earn some extra money. I'm sorry, but if you're disabled and looking for work, then playing games on the Internet probably shouldn't be an option. Maybe you could get a data processing job?

Another person claimed that they had bot that worked for Bejeweled. That sounds plausible, but where is the proof? If your bot works, you could post a video of it in action on YouTube. Chances are that WorldWinner wouldn't let you continue to play using a bot though, which makes perfect sense if you think about it. The idea is that you're supposed to be engaged in a game of skill--if you're using a bot to play the game for you, then you're cheating.

WorldWinner Cheats?

In the interest of full disclosure, WorldWinner is a sponsor on this site. I get a small commission if you sign up to play the games there. But this analysis of the claims that WorldWinner is a scam or that WorldWinner cheats is accurate to the best of my knowledge. If someone can share real proof that WorldWinner cheats, I'd be happy to look at it and revise this page accordingly.